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new pioneer cdj's... press release.


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New Generation Pioneer Digital Turntables Provide More Control and Better Mixing Capabilities

CDJ-1000MK3 and CDJ-800MK2 refined with new features including MP3 capability

Long Beach, CA. February 22, 2006

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduced the CDJ-1000MK3 and CDJ-800MK2, a new generation of high-end digital turntables that puts more control into the hands of DJs. Step-up features include jog feel adjustments, hot looping / re-looping, improved track and wave data display and MP3 compressed audio playback, providing DJs enhanced mixing and scratching capability to sharpen their craft. Suggestions from previous generation CDJ owners were taken into account in developing the new turntables, to add better feel, precision and performance. DJs will find the Pioneer CDJ products to feel as close to a vinyl turntable with the great benefits of a digital player.

“The input we received from leading DJs who used the previous CDJ models helped in the development of the next generation products,” said Karl Detken, product planning director for DJ products for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Adding MP3 playback to the CDJ-1000MK3 and the CDJ-800MK2 was a natural progression based on the growing use of MP3s. MP3 adds convenience and immediacy, making it easier for DJs to transport and access their music.”

Both new turntables will be available beginning in March 2006. Suggested price (USD) for the CDJ-1000MK3 is $1449 and the CDJ-800MK2 is $849.


Club owners and DJs will appreciate the robust build of the CDJ-1000MK3, with its familiar high-quality polished look and clean layout. The new features make it easier to transport music as well as simplify cueing, looping, scratching and stretching of tracks.
  • MP3 CapabilityThe player acceptsplayback of MP3 music including VBR files. A direct folder search button was added to allow DJs quick access to files within folders on an MP3 disc.
  • JOG Wheel Feeling AdjustThe CDJ-1000MK3 includes a unique JOG feeling adjust letting DJs modifythe resistance of the non-slip metallic jog wheel to meet individual styles. The wide tempo range (+100% to –100% with CDDA and +70% to 100% with MP3) also gives greater control.
  • Multicolor Fluorescent Display- The display on the wheel was improved with a brighter, fluorescent display for quick visuals to music information. The larger cue marker and angle marks make it easier for scratch DJs to time their effects. The track display area was doubled in resolution to accommodate WAVE data and playing address details so users can see a track’s entire length at a glance.
  • Hot Loop / Hot Cue Button– The player utilizes a single button to perform hot loop and hot cue storage, holding up to three loops per track. Orange and green illumination differentiate hot loop and hot cue tasks.
  • Resume Play– A resume play feature starts the disc at the exact time a CD is ejected eliminating the need to start playback from the beginning of a disc. The feature is especially helpful when a CD is ejected accidentally.
  • Gold RCA Connectors– Ensuring the highest level of sonic purity, the players use gold RCA connectors to minimize audio signal resistance.
The CDJ-800MK2

The CDJ-800MK2 retains the same key design themes found in many of Pioneer’s CDJ products, with a stylish new silver metallic finish and metallic buttons. It employs additional features for outstanding performance.
  • MP3 Capability– The unit’s MP3 playback capability includes a “Folder Search” and “Text Mode” to provide artist name, track title and file name for quick access to music files.
  • JOG Wheel Adjust-The feel of the JOG wheel is tweaked tomimic that of the CDJ-1000MK2. The jog wheel retains the non-slip metallic finish of the CDJ-1000MK3 as well as the same features on the JOG Display (brighter, larger cue point and45° marks).
  • Track Data Display– Track information through a higher resolution display is extended to show the complete track.
  • Resume Play– Much like the CDJ-1000MK3, the unit resumes CD playback at the time a CD is ejected.
  • Auto Beat Loop- DJs can create 1/8th beat loops with a new auto beat loop command with a quick hold of the loop-in button.

Pioneer offers a complete line of Pro DJ Equipment through its Pro Audio Group. Its DJM series of mixers have become an industry standard at clubs, studios, mobile rigs and homes around the world, known for their high quality sound and reliability. For more information, visit www.PioneerProDj.com.

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., and its U.S. Web address is www.pioneerelectronics.com. Its parent company, Pioneer Corporation, is a leader in optical disc technology and a preeminent manufacturer of high-performance audio, video, computer equipment for the home, car and business markets. The company, founded in Tokyo in 1938, focuses on four core business domains including DVD, display technologies, Digital Network Entertainment™ and components.










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