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New Picture Thread! - Pictures Only!


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Ok I'm starting a new picture thread!
Please keep the chit chat out of this thread... pics only folks!

Will @ Start of night

Cheeka? & Chiclet

Chiclet & Aphro




Echo & KiFe


Damn 8 Pic limit!


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JayIsBored & French Disco Girl


Kumi & DoodleBug


Drunk Newfie! aka LivingRoomPornstar

Mingster & KiFe in background

Sunny aka MoFo & pr0nstar

MoFo & Temper Tantrum
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Temper Tantrum

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Oh Mat
you look so angry

Drunken massive say what?

that picture of Sunny is ROWR...Mingster looking pretty fine too

t. tAnTrUm


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sweet baby jesus, that was a long night.

Good times with the TBK in full effect.

Thanks to Kenny for perpetuating the drunken newfie stereotype. Big jerk..

Special thanks to Cheryl aka Chernobyl and Brandon(Headwinds)for hangin out with this drunken mess until 7am. Brandon, where the hell did you go???

I'm in pain. A lot of pain.

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Temper Tantrum

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Oh Daniel...

Note to self: Never by hotdogs at 6 AM from Yonge and Bloor when your two young girls downtown, it makes for a very interesting trip.

If it's any consolence I think matt's probably hurting just as badly.

t. tAnTrUm
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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Jumping the gun [my specialty!]:

Otis getting double fisted by MKMirage:

...just to keep a nice bullshit to pic ratio...


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^^^ dat photo taken by de guy on de right:

...still working on a solid ratio and actively avoiding a take-home exam...
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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I was just about to hunt down a picture of Buddy Christ.

Do you not see the resemblance?
Something about the smile and the half-wink...
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit