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New Orleans....


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My family in Baton Rouge called me last night and told me things are just silly there. The town has swelled to about double the size. A bit of looting there as well. The housing market has gone INSANE. People are buying up whatever they can. Housing values alone have gone up 30-40% in many cases. They are thinking about selling and just getting the hell out of there. They are about to retire anyhow and figure now might be a good time to get the hell outta dodge.


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Bush uses the disaster as an excuse to suspend minimum wage for anyone hired by government contractors (i.e. Halliburton) to help rebuild:

Article on the FEMA response:

^ now that's mind-boggling. Apparently the best system they have is to wait for a disaster to come along and only then start training people in how to deal with a disaster? Yeah, that's right - they intended to send 1,000 homeland security dorks to the scene in 48 hours, after they received their mandatory training. Great system!

More on the incompetency and lies:

"We were briefing them way before landfall," Mayfield said. "It’s not like this was a surprise. We had in the advisories that the levee could be topped."

Chertoff told reporters Saturday that government officials had not expected the damaging combination of a powerful hurricane levee breaches that flooded New Orleans.
There's like a billion links on this sort of note, over at:

http://www.crooksandliars.com/ has other angry angry grrrr leftie shit, video links, and that sort of thing.

Overall I don't know why the "go fuck yourself, mr. cheney" comment is getting such woot-woot praise from people... how about a rational argumnet instead of pointless invective? Meh.

http://www.nola.com/ continues to have more details than the national outlets. Thaz all for now.


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Originally posted by basilisk
Overall I don't know why the "go fuck yourself, mr. cheney" comment is getting such woot-woot praise from people... how about a rational argumnet instead of pointless invective? Meh.
(from Wikipedia)
"In the rebuilding of Iraq, Halliburton was granted a $7 billion no-bid contract. It was criticism to this contract by a number of U.S. Senators that led to the infamous Cheney remarks when he said, "go Fuck yourself" to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat) during the U.S. Senate’s annual photo session in late June 2004."


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None of it makes any sense. The "incompetency" thing is not only redundant, it's just an excuse not to understand the problem. I think incompetency acts as an omniscient influence in all big-government activities, but the extent of the problem is staggeringly beyond that single description.
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Arizona talk radio brings you some kindly compassion

Sept. 4, 2005 12:00 AM

Political Insider is a tongue-in-cheek look at the past week in Arizona politics.

Those sensitive bleeding hearts over at KFYI-AM (550), the Valley's popular conservative-dominated talk station, showed on Wednesday morning how much Arizona really cares about the people of New Orleans.

Talk show host Barry Young was on the air with U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl talking about the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina about the exact moment the Big Easy was drowning under 20 feet of water. Young was in favor of a strong national response to help the disaster-stricken area, but many of his listeners were not, sending him e-mails questioning whether it was the government's and the rest of the nation's responsibility to clean up the area and rebuild the city.

Young was calling those e-mailers "wacky," but Kyl, surprisingly, took a different position. Or, to put it mildly, he did not wholeheartedly agree. Here's an audio clip provided by the station:

"Barry Young: I'm taking a pretty liberal course on this. I'm thinking it's everyone's responsibility to do this. I think every government asset we have needs to go into it somehow.

I don't know, how big is New Orleans? . . .

Kyl: I heard it was the 35th-largest city.

Young: That's a big place.

Kyl: But they built it a lot under sea level.

Young: But that's not new though, this goes back hundreds of years. In fact they say the first people who lived there lived there 10,000 years ago. Now, it flooded 10,000 years ago, but the engineering was there back in French colonization days to pump it out and clean it up.

Kyl: It's a great question, Barry. You need to explore it. Because the question is if people know year after year after year a natural disaster occurs in a particular place and people continue to build there and want to live there, should they bear the responsibility of buying insurance or should everyone else bear the responsibility? Good question. I think you ought to ask your audience.

Young: Then there comes the question of let's say we put it all on them to buy their own insurance and let's say the insurance people take a look at them and say you're nuts. We're not going to sell insurance there. You know why? It floods there.

Kyl: Right. And that's kinda what happens and that's why the federal government does come in and pick up a lot of the tab.

Apparently GOP Chairman Matt Salmon wasn't tuning in. He put out an e-mail alert to the party faithful later that afternoon with details on how to contribute to the Red Cross and other relief agencies.
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Originally posted by millicent
omniscient means "infinitely wise"

Yah, my abuse of that word makes the point all that more painfully relevant, you think?

Or maybe it sounds dumb. :(


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WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal Emergency Management Agency director
Michael Brown is being removed from his role managing hurricane
Katrina relief efforts, The Associated Press has learned.
Brown is being sent back to Washington from Baton Rouge, where he
was the primary official overseeing the federal government's
response to the disaster, according to two federal officials who
declined to be identified before the announcement.


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Brown will be replaced by Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen,
who was overseeing New Orleans relief and rescue efforts.
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Originally posted by acheron
(from Wikipedia)
"In the rebuilding of Iraq, Halliburton was granted a $7 billion no-bid contract. It was criticism to this contract by a number of U.S. Senators that led to the infamous Cheney remarks when he said, "go Fuck yourself" to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat) during the U.S. Senate’s annual photo session in late June 2004."
I know about that... it's still "stooping to their level" so to speak. Petty. I wander over to dailykos every now and then, and ever since Hurricane Corinna hit the City of Louisiana, while they are bigging up their own staggering level of intelligent commentary, I can't help but think how they come across as a gaggle of screaming school children... it just seems like they're letting emotion reign over reason. Why not "Where have you been this entire week, Mr. Cheney?"

This isn't something I feel too strongly about, despite appearances... it just seems that if you're going to yell something at the VP on live television you should make it stick.
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So they got these cruise liner ships for people to stay on, but nobody is using them...and they can't figure out why...



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Originally posted by PosTMOd
So they got these cruise liner ships for people to stay on, but nobody is using them...and they can't figure out why...


oh fuck... so wrong.... so funny..... i'm going to hell.....
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...Federal officials say they never expected such resistance...

I think they wanted to know about the ships and what its like, said Tim Gallagher, a Carnival spokesman. It was becoming apparent that some of them were not familiar with cruise ships.

With everything they had been through, the unknown perhaps was a little daunting.
The ships were to go to port in Galveston, Texas...



One third of the people in Texas were slaves; hell, Galveston was probably the last slave port, the last slave market in America.


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Physician who told Cheney to go F*ck Himself Lost his Home in Katrina, Detained, Cuffed by Cheney's M-16-carrying Goons

by Jackson Thoreau


Dr. Ben Marble, a young emergency room physician who plays in alternative rock bands and does art on the side, needs our help. Since he was the one who told Dick Cheney to "go fuck yourself" on Sept. 8, that's the least we can do.

Marble is a complex guy, to say the least. Some of the lyrics he writes can be considered harsh by some – personally what I've heard is very much on target - but he has a softer side as an organizer of breast cancer fund-raisers, not to mention an ER doctor.

When he, like thousands of others, lost his home due to Hurricane Katrina last week, it was the single most traumatic week of his life. That led to his Sept. 8 confrontation with the man who best represents the worst of the most callous, heartless, shittiest administration in U.S. history.

As Marble explains, he was driving to his destroyed house Sept. 8 in Gulfport, Ms., when military police refused to allow him to cross a barricade that was about 200 feet from his home. They forced him to drive an extra 20 minutes and spend even more on gasoline.

"Thanks to Dubya Gump and Mr. Cheney, gas is really expensive and extremely hard to get anywhere Katrina has destroyed," Marble wrote. "So needless to say, I was extremely aggravated that they wouldn't let me pass."

Suddenly a long line of dark cars pulled up, and they honked at Marble to back up to let them through the barricade that supposedly no one could drive through. That only made Marble madder so he did what most of us would do – or at least consider doing.

"I waved a middle finger at the caravan," Marble wrote.

After driving the extra 20 minutes and filming video of destruction along the way, he made it to his home. Marble overheard a neighbor say that Cheney was down the street talking to people. That's when he got the idea to go meet Dr. Evil himself.

"I am no fan of Mr. Cheney because of several reasons," Marble wrote. "For those who don't know, Mr. Cheney is infamous for telling Senator [Pat] Leahy 'go fu** yourself' on the Senate floor. Also, I am not happy about the fact that thousands have died due to the slow action of FEMA, not to even mention the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time, i.e. Iraq."

So Marble asked a couple police officers if he and a friend could walk down to Cheney. They told him Cheney was "looking forward†to talking to “the locals.â€

"So we grabbed my Canon digital rebel and my Sony videocamera and started walking down the street," Marble wrote. "And then right in front of the destroyed tennis court I used to play on Dick Cheney was giving a pep rally, talking to the press. The Secret Service guys patted us down and waved the wands over us, and then let us pass."

As he stood about 10 feet away from Cheney and his friend and some camera operators from CNN and other media filmed the scene, Marble suddenly yelled, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney! Go fuck yourself, you asshole!"

Hey, at least Marble was polite. After all, he referred to Cheney as “Mr. Cheney.â€

"I had no intention of harming anyone but merely wanted to echo Mr. Cheney's infamous words back at him," Marble wrote. "At that moment, I noticed the Secret Service guys with a panic-stricken look on their faces, like they were about to tackle me, so I calmly walked away back to my former house."

His friend videotaped a little bit longer and then came back to Marble’s house. As they were salvaging a few things from Marble's home, two military police waving M-16's showed up and said they were looking
for someone who fit Marble's description who had cursed at Cheney.

"I told them I was probably the person they were looking for, and so they put me in handcuffs and 'detained' me for about 20 minutes or so," Marble wrote. "My right thumb went numb because the cuffs were on so tight, but they were fairly courteous and eventually released me after getting all my contact info. They said I had NOT broken any laws so I was free to go."

So let’s get this straight: A physician with a newborn baby loses most everything he owns in the hurricane, does what most of us WANT to do and “echoes†Cheney’s words he spoke on the Senate floor last year, walks away harmlessly, mission accomplished, and then once the media cameras leave, he is treated like a foreign terrorist as Cheney’s goons waving M-16s handcuff him in front of his destroyed home? Had it not been for the media cameras filming the initial scene, I doubt Cheney’s goons would have just let Marble go after 20 minutes.

America, land of the free?

Marble and his family have been in the media spotlight before, including his wife, Lisa, and baby, Sofia Grace, who was born shortly after the storm, on CNN. Marble has also been interviewed in art magazines and the Biloxi Sun Herald about his concert fund-raisers and musical success — one of his bands, dR. O, has had at least 20 No. 1 songs on the MP3.com charts.

"The truth is even with all our losses, we are still luckier than many people down here because at least we didn't die," Marble wrote. "But I thought I could try to raise some awareness to the bad policies of the Dubya Gump administration and also possibly raise some money to replace the many things we lost, and so I decided I would auction the videotape my friend shot of the event. I will also grant an interview to the winner if so desired."

So go to eBay here and place a bid for this important video to help Marble raise some needed funds. I have done so and was at least at one time the high bidder.

Marble also has an Internet site with photographs of some damage in his town at www.HurricaneKatrinaSucked.com. A photo of him is here, and you can also email Marble at clone9@yahoo.com.

Dr. Ben Marble, you rock. May we all return the favor.
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