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New Mixes


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I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on new mixes...i have been enjoying the ewan pearson kompakt mix for the past few months, and wouldn't mind some new and fresh tunes (outside of the usual suspects)...


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There's tons of really good mixes!

The Danny Howells & Lee Burridge 5hr set from the Olympics closing party.
Digweed's EM from last month.
I quite liked Zabiela's EM as well.
Paolo Mojo's Ooshcast mixes.
Nick Warren's Sound Garden mixes.

I can send these to you if you want. And there's also heaps of stuff on soundcloud if you'd rather stream than download.


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hey jc!:)

not sure how "fresh" these are but Chris Jylkke & Groove Universe
are the two dj's that i've been really making the Ipod and drive
much more enjoyable.

the bigger names:
Both Luke Fair & Add 2 Basket's Rogue show mixes-Episode 001
Soooo good.