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New mixes on undergroundhouse dot net


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Nice! The front page is fresh with all new mixes!

Community Recordings
Jon Nedza
Feb 15, 2006
Recorded live in Denver, Colorado...

Basic 2006
Feb 14, 2006
Recorded Live in Austin, Texas...

Matthew Bandy
Community Mix
Feb 14, 2006
Recorded Live in Denver, Colorado...

Slum Science
Danny White - January 06
Feb 14, 2006
Danny from Slum Science, January 2006...

Fakes n Phonies
Feb 14, 2006
Recorded Live in Manchester...

Brett Johnson
Live @ Estate
Feb 14, 2006
Recorded Live in Barcelona...

Da Sunlounge
February 06
Feb 13, 2006
Simon Newby from Myna Music in the mix...

Wally Callerio
Live @ Sprout
Feb 13, 2006
Recorded live in San Antonio, Texas...

DJ Linus
Spring 2006
Feb 13, 2006
Exun Records Boss Linus in the mix...

Mischief & Frankie
The Mischief and Frankie Show
Feb 13, 2006
Recorded live in Toronto...

over here!


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ok maybe this is a s tupid question...but you can't save these mixes on your comp and burn them on cds can you ? I'm a computer retard.


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You can use a desktop recorder, but the sound quality is horrid to begin with.

Good to see Spettro back it the saddle.
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