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New Mix Online - Funky Breaks

Willar X

TRIBE Member
Hi guys, got a mix together and decided I'd encode it and put it up for everyone to listen.
It's in real audio format, but if you'd like an MP3 of it, let me know via ICQ and I'll send it over, unless someone can sort me out with some space where I could upload it.
Below is the tracklisting:

Mike Nice - Afrodisiac
Criminal Element Orchestra - Put The Needle On The Record
Ras Kwame - Shimmy No.1
Cirrus - Break In (West Coast In Yer Face Mix)
Brad Smith - Let The Beat Hit 'Em
Madame Mercury - Rhythm Rock
dj Moon - Steady Rockin'
Bass Trip - Break It Down (remix)
GrooveKidz - Feel This Way
Bass Trip - Spandexx
Cirrus - Leap Into The Light
Buzzthrill - Keep Your Hands Clappin'
Urban Bass Beats - Acid Break
dj Icey - Beats 2
dj Icey - Tricks Theme
Isotonik - Everywhere I Go
Kosheen - Catch U (Decoder & Substance Breaks Mix)

The mix is an hour long.
Here's the link:


Willar X

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Hey kelli.

Congratulations on becoming a full-fledged Tribe Member! No longer shall you have that dreaded 'New Member' under your name.

Maybe now you will feel comfortable enough to reveal your identiy

so.... who are you?

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
I'm loving this mix, I can't stop playing it.
Nice work.
Especially that "Catch U" track, i'm on a mission to hunt it down now.

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Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
hey willar, I'm not a big fan of happy hardcore but that new stuff you are playing is really nice.

jeremy -good work- jive

Willar X

TRIBE Member
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Jeremy:
hey willar, I'm not a big fan of happy hardcore but that new stuff you are playing is really nice.

jeremy -good work- jive
y do u keep thinking i spin hhc?

supposedly i also spin trance

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
haha... I haven't had a night like that since the summer. I think Lori can vouch for my drunkeness on the night I'm talkin bout


TRIBE Member
"Outta the way im ruuuning..." yih...much better than the Jungle or Trance version...

Good work Willy mah boy...if you happen to get this on a CD, you best be givin me a copy foo!

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