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NEW MIX is UP!!!

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- Tracklisting -

01. Ortus – “glow”
02. Briggs & Lievense – “breakdown”
03. MJ – “rock with you” (paranoid jack mix)
04. Funk Function – “funkey beat”
05. Remy – “x-rated”
06. Oxygen – “inside me” (feat. ariel cybana)
07. The Shaker – “spangled”
08. Greed – “promises” (feat. Lesley)
09. Quest Vs The Dirty Fours – “bass Trap”
10. Graham & Porter – “3 days on 35th”
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dope mix mix bro!!!

I dont understand why this man aint playing out more often. He can really mix with the best of them. Infact i can say he is one of the smoothest mixers in the city no doubt. The man deserves some respect...

ricky do u have any more mixes coming out???

wanna trade?


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i'm really lovin' the Brad Copeland february mix... hope to hear a brand new mix by him soon... good job Brad!
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one of my friends has a cousin with the same name as you that also spins "house" [as i'm told]