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new mix - 'Introspection' - by moi


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i have limited copies of my latest mix available for the first 10 people who either pm or email me at dj_mikec@hotmail.com


1 Shalark - I guess you - Karat
2 Southern Roots - Lost the Plot - Bunchlox
3 Natural Rhythm - Lovely Day - Blockhead
4 Jazzy Eyewear - Flying Ball - So Sound
5 Hard Drive - Deep Inside - white
6 FilthyHottJizz - Frontin - white
7 Jason Hodges - Fuck Hodges - white
8 Mark Farina - To do (Kaskade's carry on mix) - Om
9 Hardsoul - Former Destiny - Prog City
10 Derrick Carter - Squaredancing rmx - Classic
11 Modjo - Chillin (B.H.Q. revision 1.2) - Modjo Music
12 Blakkat - Fight the Power - red
13 Scott Pace - Party Down - Crack Speed
14 Lance Desardi - Take that - Choice Cuts
15 The Littlemen - Get Funky - Mobiletrax


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there is also a part 2 to this mix, tracklisting will be posted here shortly. the 2nd cd is more on the deep, funky, techy tip, not as much jacky stuff as the 1st one. it kind of picks up where the 1st one finishes off....

only 10 copies of the 2nd disc available as well, first come first serve!


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seeing as I'll be in qc next weekend... I think we'll need some driving music on the way back...

put both cd's aside!!



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I'd love a copy but it'll probably get lost with all the rest of the things "in the mail"...still WAITING! :p

you could give my stuff to Vench? s'il vous plaît? ;)

I spy with my lil eye...a track with hotjizz all over it...hoping you reach out! KWE
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