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new mix for y'all

bob stone

TRIBE Member
i hereby invoke spring to set upon us with this mix!
(i hope this works)


JDS-Don't Be Alone-TCR
Jaydee-Plastic Dreams(Tayo & Acid Rockers rmx)-Positiva
X Men-Dope Dealer-White
Unknown-Bucci Blag-White
Horace-Ferris-Horace Music
Luke Fair-Twisted Affair-White
Slung Groove-Kickflip-Boom Box
The Loose Cannons-Superstars(Boris Dlogosh & Michi Lange Vocal Mix)-Universal
Move Ya & Steve Lavers-Dopefreak-AudioBug
Presser-2 Black 2 Gay(Friendly's Daat Booty Purrs rmx)-Fat!
Chris Carter-Botty Funk-En:Vision
Semi Detached vs Freeland-Who da Fuck Stole My Soul-CDR

if anyone wants a CD, please email me.

enjoy!! bob stone-spring breaks 2004


TRIBE Promoter
nice mix just took a listen

What kind of equipment are you recording on (needles, mixer(what output do you record from) comp program)
Ive been recording sets for a while but I have trouble keeping a steady loudness level accross tracks. Really want to find out what the problem is. could be the mixer but im not sure

i use tech 12's a behringer vmx300 and soundforge
the output goes from the main feed direct to my laptop
i used to use the record feed but found the sound was dull
if you need more info ask

bob stone

TRIBE Member
my setup is pretty much the same as yours, with exception of the mixer. i use a gemini umx 7 or 9, i forget right now. it has seperate output meters for each channel which helps keep things pretty consistent.
but soundforge does help as well to fine tune things.