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New mix..."Double Kick, Snare"


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My new Mix "Double Kick, Snare" is coming soon!

here's the tracklisitng:

1. Sancho Muzax "Dream Of The Return" Chi Recordings

2. Brothers Bud "Tweak & Freak" Vinyl Addiction

3. Presser "2Black2Gay (Friendly Mix)" Fat!

4. Santos "Sabot (VIP Mix)" Mob

5. Dj Hal Ft. Joe B "Afrodisiac (Red Sar Mix)" 10 Kilo

6. Big G "Sunshine (Tonks FM Mix)" Proper Records

7. John & Raskal "Afro's Revenge (Simply Jeff Mix)" Red Menace

8. Cedric Benoit & Masta "Smokey Bastards" Lab Rok

9. Dj Touche "The Paddle" Southern Fried

10. Unknown "Horny" White

11. Koma & Bones "Questo E Sporro" TCR

12. Phantom Beats "Rip It Up" TCC

13. Plump Djs' FT Gary Numan "Pray For You (Lee Combs Vocal Mix)" Finger Lickin

14. Bionic "First Day Of School" Mechanoise

15. Mad Ox "Buzzface Killah" Mantra

16. Next Men "Highscore (Stanton Warriors Mix)" Senario Records

17. Lumidee/Stanton Warriors "Never Leave You Booty Dub" White

18. Alexkid "Come With Me (Ashes To Acid Mix by Seep)
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Originally posted by el Guapo
out of curiousity......this a house mix? :rolleyes:


It's about 25% house, 75% breaks...but it's all good music:)
Many of the artists in the mix produce house as well breaks, which is why I thought it may be of interest in this forum.

Copies will be out and about next week :D
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I was going to beg for an mp3, since I don't live in TO. Now I don't have to beg! YAY! :)

PS thanks. :)

el Guapo

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now now I was just askin.....actually lately I've been kickin it to my old breakz tapes...(czech, john e, icey etc)

this one's new school and very well put together. me likes:D


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Copies are finally made! Ill be giving some out at FOCUS the next couple Saturdays, and Activate Wednsdays and such...or stop by 2 The Beat if you happen to be in the hood :)