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New mix..."Double Kick, Snare."


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My new Mix "Double Kick, Snare" is coming soon!

here's the tracklisitng:

1. Sancho Muzax "Dream Of The Return" Chi Recordings

2. Brothers Bud "Tweak & Freak" Vinyl Addiction

3. Presser "2Black2Gay (Friendly Mix)" Fat!

4. Santos "Sabot (VIP Mix)" Mob

5. Dj Hal Ft. Joe B "Afrodisiac (Red Sar Mix)" 10 Kilo

6. Big G "Sunshine (Tonks FM Mix)" Proper Records

7. John & Raskal "Afro's Revenge (Simply Jeff Mix)" Red Menace

8. Cedric Benoit & Masta "Smokey Bastards" Lab Rok

9. Dj Touche "The Paddle" Southern Fried

10. Unknown "Horny" White

11. Koma & Bones "Questo E Sporro" TCR

12. Phantom Beats "Rip It Up" TCC

13. Plump Djs' FT Gary Numan "Pray For You (Lee Combs Vocal Mix)" Finger Lickin

14. Bionic "First Day Of School" Mechanoise

15. Mad Ox "Buzzface Killah" Mantra

16. Next Men "Highscore (Stanton Warriors Mix)" Senario Records

17. Lumidee/Stanton Warriors "Never Leave You Booty Dub" White

18. Alexkid "Come With Me (Ashes To Acid Mix by Seep)
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Originally posted by kick
4. Santos "Sabot (VIP Mix)" Mob

I fucking LOVE this tune!
I've been listening to it over and over again all day.

p.s. Monika, you left yourself signed in on tribe at Matt and Sara's... I was going to have some fun posting under your name. Instead I decided to be nice. I regreted that choice as soon as I logged out or your name. :p


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Wheres the link to listen?

Kicks last CD was wicked. The opening mix was one of the best i've heard on a breaks CD.



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Originally posted by kick
^^soon! And your office friends can rock out once more :D

Tell me about it, I called in sick on Monday and one of my buddies called to ask where in my desk I kept it cause he wanted to listen to it in his car till I got back.

They didn't even know what Breaks was before this CD!!

It was all "Rave" to them.....



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good on yah Monika... your last cd was steller, looking forward to getting my paws on this one :)


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monika, thanks for the mix. unfortunately, it started to skip 5 minutes in... and it won't stop.


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Hey monifa I gave turtle a copy of zee demo, sharing is caring till sunday and I'll come by ze club and link you with the hardcore cheeba cheeba.


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Allrighty...I now have copies made. Ill have a whole bunch with me at FOCUS this Saturday, so just ask :)
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