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New Logic stuff

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Syntax Error

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i usually write all of my own anyways. it's much more rewarding that way.

last night i made a sequencer out of some baby carrots and half a piece of swiss cheese. it's way more functional than cubase(and it didn't cost me a dime)!
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You Syntax care about other peeps spelling and CAT like's to diss Dj Shadow..................since were in the prod room here,any of u bitches got some work uv done that i can laugh at?



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Main Website (needs to be updated)


Thank you for your interest in the Syntax Error Project. I have included some links for your perusal, although most of our new stuff is offline until the new album is complete [hopefully the end of the month]. Here is some old draft work from the new album though, including some stuff we've never posted here before! It's an SE Exclusive!

Alt Path
Distorted Place
Space Attack

Plus we are starting to get into the visual game as well, here is some initial work in this area

Space Attack

Enjoy! And thanks again for your interest in our work! :p
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