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new Larry Heard mix...


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new "mr. fingers" mix...

march 17, 2006 (<< to download. you'll need real player for this one)


1 "Lover's Holiday" / Stephanie Cooke (west end)
2 "Can't Give Her Up" / Skipworth & Turner (warner bros.)
3 "Prelano" (los amigos invisibles remix) / Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby (qwest)
4 "Crazy 4 You" / Incognito (talkin loud)
5 "How I Feel" / Theo Parrish (archive)
6 "Why Can't We Live Together" / Mike Anthony (elvers)
7 "Dance Lady Dance" / Crown Heights Affair (de-lite)
8 "Wicked Sequence" / Ilya Santana (balihu)
9 "Gett Off" (flutestramental) / Prince (warner bros.)
10 "December Spring" / Iken (real soon)
11 "Set It Off" / Strafe (just born records)
12 "Set Yourself Free" (LH edit) / DJ Slym Fas (intangible)
13 "Japanese War Games" / Koto (memory/zyx)
14 "Release The Tension" / Circuit (4th & bway)
15 "Victim" / Candi Staton (warner bros.)
16 "Where Has Your Love Gone" (LH edit) / V4Visions (v4visions)
17 "Walking On Sunshine" / Rockers Revenge (streetwise)



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on a side note, a few yaers ago i was reading in article in a dance magazine(name escapes me ) but i was pretty sure it was larry heard. he said that he had taken a break from 'the scene' and was working with television producers for music on different programs.

anyways, was it larry heard?

and who does the music for those CSI shows? they always jazz up those boring lab segments with crazy camera angles/cuts.

my wife watches that stuff, and i'll look up thinking something's going on and the dude is like swabbin a piece of glass with a q-tip! ha

sorry for the hi-jack, and will listen to the mix now.