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*NEW* Influenza - Undertone

Dude, SICK!
So dirty and filthy.
That breakdown made me shat myself.....

When will the wax be out on this one?
Ya man.....sick tune!!!!!
That bassline is FUCKN sickkkk....very nice work, especially on the bass.
This will definately be a hot tune :D
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that track is absolutely sick.
i LOOOOOOOVE that bassline. just how i like things, dark hard and dirty.
well, update on this track... it's being looked at by a UK label at the moment and most likely will be signed and out within a few months. once things are finalized i'll let you guys know.

be on the lookout for our new website. (possibily on of the best designed breaks sites on the web).

www.sickbeats.ca - new site coming in march