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New influenza mix, free for download.


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New Years 2004


suzanne vega - tom's diner (brad copeland remix)
kylie minogue - slow (oddmud's joke mix)
rundll - sleeping is easy (xmas mix)
autobots - rocky (distortionz remix)
influenza - ear shot
distortionz - bad love
dave gahan - dirty sticky floors (silencer remix)
splitloop - klaxx (introspective remix)
chable and bonicci - ride (breaks mix)
21st century fux - sunspirit (ivan gough and luke chable's oreo breakbeat remix)
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I love the Chable and Bonicci - ride (breaks mix) track where can I get this. I tried Release and it's soldout:( . If anybody has this and wants to get rid of it I'll take it right out of your hands (but I have this feeling it's not an easy track to get).
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