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New imported psychedelic/prog/??? CDs for sale


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Hi all.. I picked up many copies of a few select titles from Finland to sell around the city here. Prices are as marked, sound samples behind the links. If there's anything you like, PM me and we can sort out shipping or a way to meet up (downtown after work, thursdays at zen or something?)... enjoy:

Blowfish - Puffed Up $25
Though this act doesn't hail from Finland they have released on a Finnish label and well, this is the LONG-awaited album from Graham Wood who was the original member of The Infinity Project (the band that spawned TIP Records) alongside Raja Ram and significant credit for the creation of Goa trance as a genre of music can be given to him... so what's he been up to all these years? Find out on this fantastic disc of psychedelic treats from across the spectrum...

Eraser vs Yojalka - Tarinat $25
There's plenty of jazzy influences on this 2nd album from EvsY... funky beats, live elements, and quality production. Swarms of breakbeats flow through this CD as well. Just released this month!

Highpersonic Whomen - Alternative Energysource $25
A progressive trance lover's dream, one of the most solid albums to come out this year. Deep and melodic, highly recommended!

Kiwa - Dreamtime Enhancer $25
Drum'n'bass meets psychedelic trance is how you could put it... though it is a debut album Kiwa shows an incredible depth of sound and sophistication in storytelling making this one of the finest albums from 2002.

Poly 61 - Hirabo Invaders (3 track CD single - $10)
Genuine old school Goa goodness, extremely rare to find outside of Finland. Think beautiful eastern melodies, dreamy tranced out sequences, and cosmic sounds.

Squaremeat - Jungle Boogie Party Line $25
I think the name sez it all - upbeat funky psychedelic trance or house depending on how you look at it. Pure party material but good to get the blood flowing in any situation...

V/A - Freakdance Compilation #3 $20
A wide variety of underground sounds, from dark psychedelic dancefloor killers to serene old school sounds, with plenty of diversions along the way. This is a sold-out release I rescued from obscurity... try it out.


FYI the ones I most recommend for general listening are the Highpersonic Whomen and Kiwa CDs. Especially Kiwa. No one seems to dislike that one, anywhere.
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