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new house cd... 76 min of music, 60 min in the mix...

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check it out let me know what you think...

first mix starts 16 seconds in to the mix and it is record on record from then on.

76 minutes of music... 60 minutes in the mix!

A= 1200mk2 #1 B= 1200mk2 #2 with a gemini umx7 in between

A 0:04 dirty vegas days go by starts...
B 0:19 the night train starts
B 6:09 I break the night train
B 6:23 one people get up starts
A 7:50 dirty vegas ends
A 8:05 hypnotized starts
B 12:57 one people get up ends
B 13:11 Electric generation starts
A 16:35 hypnotized ends
A 17:04 history starts
B 19:45 electric generation ends
B 20:14 Letting Go starts
A 22:54 history ends
A 23:08 sunshine starts
B 28:48 Letting Go ends
B 29:16 Pipe Dream starts
A 30:45 sunshine ends
A 31:27 Dj's calling starts
B 35:42 pipe dreams ends
B 36:13 Lusaka starts
A 38:38 Dj's calling ends
A 40:13 migs tech mix
B 42:36 Lusaka ends
B 43:36 Jungle fever starts
A 45:16 Migs ends
A 46:07 think about you starts (droped a few times)
B 51:05 Jungle fever ends
B 52:32 Mon amour starts
A 55:36 think about you ends
A 56:05 plastic dreams starts
B 58:15 Mon Amour ends
B 58:58 people get up remix starts
A 104:48 plastic dreams ends
A 105:15 Not your house starts
B 106:30 people get up remix ends
B 109:22 stars starts
A 111:50 Not your house ends
A 112:16 At last starts
A 115:27 I break At Last
B 116:11 Stars and the mix ends.

it is off the top of my head, so I'll post the full track names when I have a chance...

Avrum Gold

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it is a solid server and the connection is really fast.

In 5 days from one edmonton and one calgary msg board I had 325 downloads with over 100 in one day and they where all fast.
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Avrum Gold

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thanks man,
to bad we could not get you down for the june event, but we have lots planned this summer and you are in them...
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