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new Genaside II CD !!!

Sugar D

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Credited by many as one of the inventors and pioneers of breakbeat, Genaside II are set to drop their next CD which is sure to turn many heads, titled Return of The Redline Evangelist

Genaside II is no stranger to the scene, over the years, they have re-mixed Prince, Stone Roses, ade, Bob Marley, Prodigy, Massive Attack, the Eurythmics and more.

label : Copasetik Recordings Canadian Distributor: KOCH

Street Date: May 21, 2002


Rest Your Soul
Nights Like This
Drums Monkey
Fighting Talk
Teng Chow Mow
Archer's Revenge
The Lost
Ten Pounds Heavier
The Upside
Revolution Revised
A Redline Requiem

deep rolling basslines... with some ragga = solid stuff.


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I didn't even know these guys were still around.

last i heard of them was the remix they did of that prodigy song (shit, which track was it Fire? or Jericho?) wicked remix anyway.

should be cool to see what they sound like 10 years later!