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New Free Project 5 Update

Static EQ

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I'm pretty excited about this, it seems to take care of my few person criticisms of this software, namingly:

The lack of integration between the step sequencer and the piano roll sequencer.

The lack of automation within the step sequencer (although you can automate its loops externally).

The need for a sample database in the front end.

The inability to copy a instrument AND its effects in one command.


Project5 1.5 Highlights

P-SEQ updated with Centralized Step-Sequencer mode — This provides the most powerful step sequencer environment available today. A centralized editing view that adds the features of a hardware-style step sequencing to the existing piano roll style interface. The new mode within P-SEQ expands on features that were previously exclusive to the SYNCHRON32 MFX plug-in, bundled with Project5. Features include:

Global step resolution
New note attributes including tie, legato, flam, and gate
Fast and intuitive mouse driven control
Transparent overlay of automation over note data
Loop record modes
Track Patches — The new "patch-saving" capability in Project5 1.5 greatly speeds workflow with “one-click” track setup. Users can save a track's instrument, effects chain, and plug-ins' respective settings — all as a single preset. Users can then load all settings simply by clicking on the patch name. These files appear as additional insert options in the plug-in insertion menu in Project5.

Users can create and organize their patch menus based on instrument type rather than manufacturer, such as by basses, leads, pads, kits, etc. Additionally, because the patch file is portable, users can easily share files via email or through the Project5 online community (www.Project5.com).

Resource Browser — The Resource Browser provides a custom tree view that accesses Project5 patterns and .wav files existing anywhere on the user's system. The Resource Browser can also be conveniently docked to the side of the application, allowing users to expand or hide it as needed. Features include:

Multiple shortcuts providing quick access to files that exist on other hard drives or a network.
Dedicated start/stop preview control providing an elegant way to audition each media file and/or multiple files simultaneously from multiple directories, before import into a project.
Preview all files in sync with project tempo.
Preview patterns with patched synth of your choice.
Bypass Outputs — Track control functionality is extended to allow users to easily bypass unused synth outputs in a project, significantly reducing CPU load.

Project5 has defined the new standard for Windows-based soft synth workstation environments. Project5 offers a complete, flexible production environment where electronic musicians have everything they need to experiment, create, and perform music using integrated sequencers, software synths, samplers, audio and MIDI effects, and audio looping tools.
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