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new frankie feliciano mix...


TRIBE Promoter
here is the "unofficial" playlist (courtesy of the track id guru - peter bosco over at GHM)

? - Vee (Franck Roger) .. coming on MAW *
Todo Di Te - Sterling Ensemble featuring Rita Quintero ... coming on Ricanstruction *
Mental Black Resurrection - Glenn Underground *
Watch Them Come - Peven Everett
Awade - Instant House (Joe Claussell)
Closer - Goapelle (DJ Spinna remix)
You Got A Friend - Donnie (Karizma) *
Dead End Alley - Robert Owens (Larry Heard)
? - Peven Everett .. FUCKING SLAMMIN', no clue who/what/where *
? - ?
Body Mind & Soul - Stephanie Cooke
Gimme That Music - Alma Horton (Alix Alvarez) *
Like A Sunshine - Pushim (MAW)
? - ?

* denotes unreleased