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New Epic/Uplifting Trance CD

Kid Lax

TRIBE Promoter
Here's a new mix i have been working on.
A lot of people may have received cd's from me at various parties in the last couple of months...

Well after closer inspection and listening to that cd I realized that it was not nearly close to my capabilities and basically...it really sucked ;)

So ive redone the cd, changed a couple songs and whatnot.
It's a mix of epic and uplifting trance.

Here's the link.

Kid Lax - Trance Music for Small Rooms...Volume 1.2

just a side note before you download it, for some reason it automatically saves as a .mpga file (well it does for me at least) so if you want it to be an .mp3 file just change the extension when you are prompted to save it to disk

oh and if possible, please try to download it sometime at night because it is running off a home server and will send a lot faster if its not during primetime internet hours ;) (also if it is not working its because the computer is off, so just try again in a few hours)

For booking enquiries, criticism, feedback, whatever...you can contact me at:

Email: kid_lax@hotmail.com
ICQ: 29266122

And remember, this was a Downlow 420 & EZ Freezie Production ;)