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new Dub Connection podcast - Give A Little Loving! Roots & Dub Reggae


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Brand new mix from Dub Connection, blessed by King Culture. Starts with the epic Johnny Clarke tune with Tubby's mix, into early 80s Channel 1 studio workout. Toronto selections produced by King Culture include Roots Wonder - Cry Girl and Barry Brown - Give A Little Loving. Into a pair of late 80s favorites, and new UK roots including the killer Shinobi Warrior and From The Foundation, tearing up roots dances with these! Dance this Saturday!!

Johnny Clarke - Every Knee Shall Bow/Dub
Horace Andy - Come On Brother (extended)
Roots Wonder - Cry Girl/Dub
Barry Brown & Stamma Ranks - Give A Little Loving/Dub
Morwells - Me & Jane/Dub
Michael Palmer - Still Dancing/Dub
Barrington Levy - Juggling Soldier/Dub
Prince Junior - Crucial Boy/Dub
Jah Mason - Plan Out
Tony Tuff - Messenger
Echo Ranks - Shinobi Warrior/Dub
Dub Judah - From The Foundation/Dub


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