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New Dr. Trance CD "The Doctor's Back" available now at TripleDecks.com

Discussion in 'New Music (Vinyl, Tape & CD Reviews)' started by atro, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. atro

    atro TRIBE Member

    The new Dr. Trance mixed CD "The Doctor's Back" is available now
    at TripleDecks.com

    Dr. Trance - The Doctor's Back (CD)
    ONLY $12.99 USD or $17.99 CDN (FREE SHIPPING)

    (click on the link above for real audio sample, cover art, or
    to purchase)

    In CD Format. 13 tracks (burned separately) selected and mixed together by Dr. Trance. Track listing
    included on the inside cover.

    Dr. Trance has been on the forefront of the Toronto trance scene since anyone can remember, and he
    shows no signs of slowing down.

    Known well internationally was well as in Canada, his latest mixed CD is a perfect example of why he
    is still so DAMN! popular.

    The CD starts off hard and dark, with tracks like 'Cocaine Speaking', and 'Hardcore Motherfucker'. It
    then turns a little more melodic and happy, with tracks like 'Alane', and 'Fertile'. Finally finishing off on
    an easy note with 'Under The Sun'. The whole CD is mixed exceptionally well, taking you on an
    unforgetable 70 minutes trance jurney.

    For more info, or to purchase visit http://www.tripledecks.com/index.cfm?item=TPDT04

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