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new DJ Dara CD May 21 !!

Sugar D

TRIBE Promoter
DJ Dara: Further

Release Date: May 21, 2002


(Distributed in Canada by KOCH)


DJ SS- Curtains
Dom & Heaton- Twisted City
Agent Babylon- Desert Planet
A Sides & Randall- Turn It Loose
JB- Lizion
Universal Project- Jackhammer
Sonic- Vizion
Universal Project- Jackhammer
Sonic- Even When It Rains
DJ Ink- Mirage
Asend & Ultravibe- What Kind of World
Rascal & Klone- Galactic Jam
Total Science- Squash
Specimen A- Armed & dangerous
Moving Fusion- Thunderball
John B.- 5 Times in One Night
Hi Contract- Global Love