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new deal @ mod club


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strolled in just after 11 and the place was comfortably full. The floor infront of the stage was pretty packed but we managed to find ourselves a perch along the railing.

The band had just come on - perfect timing! It's been a few yrs since I saw these guys last so I wasn't sure of what to expect.

The first half of the set was very energetic, lots of hands in the air from the crowd, a great warm-up of what was to come

@ the break, some girl called in assault charges and 3 cop cars showed up. Speaking w/ one of the medics outside - apparently the girl was the one anatagonizing the situation and as the cops tried to pull her away to discuss the alleged incident, she had hoofed someone in the nuts. She had been caught burning inside and got hostile when she got caught. So it certainly slowed the return back into the club w/ the cops making sure all systems were go, making sure the place was under capacity, etc etc.

Special thanks to all the security staff @ the club - they kept us informed of what was happening to ensure cooperation from the crowd - lots of loopy kids

the second half of the set definitely got more creative and ventured into more genres. You can definitely tell these guys have been influence by a lot of sounds ranging from techno to breaks to dnb to jazz. Loved the beatboxing by the drummer. One of the guys in the band is expecting a child shortly so congrats (i think!) but i wonder if that will affect the frequency of their performances.

The rest of the staff in the club were wonderful - big thanks to the sound and lighting crew.