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New Commercial - Agent Provocateur


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I was just flipping the channels and caught this new commercial for a lingerie company called Agent Provocateur. This new company is saying they have the sexiest lingerie and proceed to demonstrate this by showing a very good looking woman wearing the gaments get on a mechanicle bull, and "ride it".

The way she said she'd prove it was when she got off the bull she asked all the men in the audience to stand up. Looking around seeing that no one would an old woman who was sitting in the background the whole time pipes up to say "I knew no one could".

I have to admit this form of advertising caught me totally off guard. I thought it was particularirly clever and riskee. Figures it was on city tv!!

Just sharing my thoughts!!


jus me

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So AP finally made its way into Canada eh? Bout time! They have some sexy stuff.



Wonder how much it'd be in Canadian $ tho?
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
I'm still reeling over the new add of genital herpes that I've seen on TNN. Yikes.
Is it the rave one?

I saw it yesterday and was rotf'nflmf'nao.


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If I could afford this stuff for my girlfriend, I'd would get it in a flash. Instead I have to settle for their screensavers.

If she came in wearing this:

I'd fall over, drool and then proceed to jump her.



Booty Bits

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this commercial's been around for about a year now.

but it was originally pulled off the air because it was too racy, or so i had thought.

i normally don't find kylie minogue attractive, but this commercial is an exception.
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