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Just wondering if everyone has heard this...

Chemical Brothers make a come back with " Come With Us ". This delectable 10 track synthesizer assault has got to be one of the best to date. I found this album to be more dj oriented with almost ALL the tracks around 134-140 BPM's. The opening track just lifts you up and blows you away from the get go. The whole album is littered with BOMB breakbeats and stompin' house beats galore.
My personal faveorite track is the Beck meets Dj Funk meets Outkast sounding tune "Hoops". The whole album is a sort of progression for the boys but at the same time it follows along those deep rooted trademark formulas. Synths, Samples, Soundscapes, and even sensual at times...
Definately GO and get a copy of this CD....
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in my opinion the bros dies after dig your own hole. i found come with us to be pretty crappy, popish crappy pseudo electro breaky shite...worse than surrender. but thats just me

i dig the video for star guitar and the peter heller remix of that track is pretty good as well.
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I thought this album was very well done. They covered a wide range of musical styles, which made this album so unique. I find that no matter what your musical tastes are, be it alternative, electronica, hip hop, rock, or whatever else... there is definitely something on this album I'm sure you'll like.

I highly recommend you pick this one up for your collection. 8/10


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I've only heard Star Guitar, It's got some very nice synth work in it. Sweeps up and down and everything, I think it's good.

Par- T

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I picked this up and am liking it a lot, Star Guitar being a highlight.
Ignore JIB - attitude problem ??

I liked Surrender too :p
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Star guitar is a pretty solid song, the only other song I've heard was Test w/ Richard Ashcroft, much like this topic I've been hearing mixed reviews so I've held off making the purchase.



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I believe there is a Toronto date cause we tried to book them for Halloween this year and they said they already had Chemical Brothers hitting T.O. and that it would be too close to that date and more bullshit....
Anyways, I found Star Guitar sounded alot like Daft Punks recent stuff....Hoops is still my fave....
It's worth buying though..each song is sooo unique.
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I find it boring. If their upcoming gig is a regurgitation of the album I'll be pissy. I need a dose of outta control cluta-bombastic electrascream funk styles from the Chemical boiz.


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Awesome CD!
Definately much better than whateverthehell their last release was....
I don't normally buy CDs but this one was a MUST.
I heard what sounded like an extended ver. of Star Guitar the other night on a late night radio show...hmm....

And I LOVE the Star Guitar video....brilliant!
9/10! :D