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New CD/MP3: Madhatter 'In the Mix'

Angus Robinson

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I have just finished recording my new CD entitled "In the Mix". It should be in stores in a week or so, for anyone wanting a polished copy of the CD with flashy label and all...

But for those who don't care 'bout dem bells n' whistles, I've endoded it in MP3 and real audio for anyone and everyone to download.

Here's the track listing:

1. Dreadzone "Believing in it (Drumattic Twins remix)" (White)
2. Krafty Kuts "Don't Stop" (Against the Grain)
3. Rennie Pilgrem & Arthur Baker "Face It" (TCR)
4. Rebirth "Migration of the Party People" (Bassex)
5. The Loft Boys "Steelzawheelz" (White)
6. Stir Fry "Breakin in the Streets (False Prophet remix)" (Kilowatt)
7. Sleepfreaks "Chemical Shift (2 Sinners remix)" (Sumsonic)
8. Koma + Bones "Morpheus (Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes remix)" (TCR)
9. Jake Subtropic & Ben Burns "Suburban Picnic" (Freakaboom)
10. The Insiders "Disciples of the Watch" (Finger Lickin)
11. JDS "Punk or Funk" (Rhythm Syndicate)
12. Marco Carola "Playboy" (Zenit)
13. Timo Maas "O.C.B." (Perfecto)
14. Basement Jaxx "Where's Your Heat At (Stanton Warriors remix)" (XL)
15. Dark Globe feat. Boy George "Auto-Erotic (Dark Globe's Globo Cop mix)" (Whole 9 Yards)
16. S.I. Futures "Eurostar (Tipper remix 2)" (Novamute)
17. Plump DJs "Big Groovy Fucker" (Finger Lickin)
18. Dan F & JP Oliver "Numchukka" (Disuye)

recorded: March 24, 2002
total running time: 72.5 minutes
MP3 file size: 83 MB

Click here to download the MP3 (right click and save target as...)

Click here to stream the real audio.




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