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New CD Inside! - "Armchair Junglist"

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
Just wanted to let you all know I have a new CD. For those of you who heard "Introspection", this one's a bit different... it's more energetic and funky. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Espionage - "Futuroid" (Reinforced)
2. Vanguard - "Aqua" (Vinyl Conflict)
3. Agent Black - "Heaven & Earth" (Ivory)
4. Echo - "Photogel" (Phylum)
5. Mist:i:cal - "Mistical Dub" (Soul:r)
6. Sonic - "Even When It Rains (Super Disco Mix)" (Infrared)
7. High Contrast - "Return Of Forever" (Hospital)
8. Carlito - "So Liquid" (Defunked)
9. Fellowship - "We Can Make It" (Defunked)
10. Pascal - "Gonna Show You" (True Playaz)
11. Agent Black - "Feel Good" (Ivory)
12. Conspiracy - "Don't You Want Me?" (Aspect)
13. Mist:i:cal - "Spiritual Thing" (Soul:r)
14. Pentagon - "So Special" (Frontline)
15. Carlito + Addiction - "A Better Day" (Defunked)
16. Eden - "Your Mind" (White)
17. John B - "It's So Real" (Tangent)
18. Datcyde feat. Ill-Esha - "Social Skills" (Breakbeat Science)

To hear it in realaudio, go to the audio section of my site (www.djdoublecross.com). If you want a high-quality mp3, let me know and I'll try to hook you up. If you really want a copy of the CD itself, I may be able to do something for you, but be realistic, I'm not a CD manufacturer (get the mp3 and burn it if you can).

As always, any feedback is welcome.

Stop Bill C-10

Juan Love

TRIBE Member
Well well Mr. Super DJ, this tracklisting looks dope...looking forward to hearing what you've done with them this time around.

But you might want to consider obtaining a larger bandwidth limit on your site...you seem to have been shut down due to "excessive bandwidth consumption".


DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
What the hell, shut down already? Angelfire sucks.... well, for now, just wait a bit (i think they reinstate "excessive bandwidth" sites within an hour or two) and try again.

Where could I upload it to get more bandwidth though? It's a 17MB file... and I'm too po' to pay for it.... any thoughts?

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TRIBE Member
any chance of uploading the mp3 to the tribe ftp? love 'introspection', would like to hear this...


TRIBE Member
or get it to someone who can throw it up on Audiogalaxy, thats how i got 'Introspection'

looking forward to hearing it anyways:)
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TRIBE Member
just listened to it now. pretty good set. a few killer tracks. is it just me or is every release by defunked good? i haven't heard anything that i didn't like. and usually both sides are playable.

good job rob....


evil homer

TRIBE Member
defunked is ok, but sometimes i find it kinda too cheesy, like that carlito song on the flip of fellowship 'we can make it'. but that aside they've been primed lately
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