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New CD Inside! - "Armchair Junglist"

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
Just wanted to let you all know I have a new CD. For those of you who heard "Introspection", this one's a bit different... it's more energetic and funky. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Espionage - "Futuroid" (Reinforced)
2. Vanguard - "Aqua" (Vinyl Conflict)
3. Agent Black - "Heaven & Earth" (Ivory)
4. Echo - "Photogel" (Phylum)
5. Mist:i:cal - "Mistical Dub" (Soul:r)
6. Sonic - "Even When It Rains (Super Disco Mix)" (Infrared)
7. High Contrast - "Return Of Forever" (Hospital)
8. Carlito - "So Liquid" (Defunked)
9. Fellowship - "We Can Make It" (Defunked)
10. Pascal - "Gonna Show You" (True Playaz)
11. Agent Black - "Feel Good" (Ivory)
12. Conspiracy - "Don't You Want Me?" (Aspect)
13. Mist:i:cal - "Spiritual Thing" (Soul:r)
14. Pentagon - "So Special" (Frontline)
15. Carlito + Addiction - "A Better Day" (Defunked)
16. Eden - "Your Mind" (White)
17. John B - "It's So Real" (Tangent)
18. Datcyde feat. Ill-Esha - "Social Skills" (Breakbeat Science)

To hear it in realaudio, go to the audio section of my site (www.djdoublecross.com). If you want a high-quality mp3, let me know and I'll try to hook you up. If you really want a copy of the CD itself, I may be able to do something for you, but be realistic, I'm not a CD manufacturer (get the mp3 and burn it if you can).

As always, any feedback is welcome.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
btw...i loved this mix...had all the essential elements for the summer vibes...so much warmth and rich flavas...

some solid mixes too...some nice long and drawn out ones e.g. Mistical dub into Even When it rains is so impressive.

Overall, i found this flawless...and it's about time more djs spun this type of sound...a break from the darkness is sorely needed.

Keep it up Rob...

two thumbs up.:)
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