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new cd- Can You Feel It?


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yup..finally made a new one..lol

1. Luvstruck -southside spinners (timo mass rmx)
2. For Fine Ladies Only - kelly reverb vs. Sergio Techini
(alex peace remix)
3. Can You Feel It - Czr- feat alex peace
4. Discoteca -jj flores & steve smooth
5. Money Shot- Hatirus
6. Soriee - czr & ito
7. Release -jj flores & steve smooth
8. Blackjack- pair of jacks (jay walker remix)
9. I said - richard humpty vission
10.Fuck Hodges- jason hodges
11.Knockin Boots 4- Mista D
12.Cedric Benoit & Masta- smokey bastard
13.This Dj - dj icey

Stop Bill C-10


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its about time.....!! How long have i been bugin you to make a cd..

looks good ian.. i want a copy.

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Smiley Jo

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Ian - if you know what's good for you - you'll get me a copy by the end of the weekend.

Signed - The Management ;)
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well after some rekkid shopping this past week... i needed to ..umm "update" my cd.. here is the final tracklisting lol

1. Release (accapella) -JJ flores & Steve smooth
2. Slammin' - Eric Prydz
3. Mr. Gingles (2002 edit) - Eric Prydz
4. Tracky Fingerz- Dj Sneak
5. No Future in Yo Funk - Bryan Cox & Filtergrinder
6. From Inside Your Speaker (byan cox rmx) - Alex Peace
7. Life - Frankie G
8. For Fine Ladies Only (alex peace rmx) - Kelly Reverb
9. Can You Feel It - Czr feat . alex peace
10. Discoteca - jj flores & steve smooth
11. Money Shot - Hitarus
12. Freq'd - Bad Boy Bill & Hitarus
13. Alpine - Byan Cox
14. Big Funk Blaster- Joey Beltram
15. unknown - J.D.S.
16. This Dj - dj icey

if u want a copy ..pm me
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i dun think its the drugs ian...

since your a chef. im thinking you are forgeting to cook your food..

Cook the kraft dinner for the full 7 mins.. no short cuts..!!!