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New cannabis accessory products for Christmas 2020 from tribe


Staff member
I have been deep in product design all summer and now I am making master models for products we will sell over the Christmas period. More jewelry focused

I am making a series of charms in Sterling Silver that can hang off chains as pendants, or can be attached to an oversize, gender neutral, Sterling charm bracelet we are making. There will be things like miniature bongs, miniature dab rigs, tiny little blowtorches. The bracelet itself will be large link, fun and candy-raverish, but made in silver instead of plastic.

Going to make some small audio devices like this little boom box master model which I'll cast in sterling and perhaps even 14K. Maybe a 1200 or a knob mixer. A stick headphone, a mic...


The look I am going for is not exact replica, but rather only enough detail to suggest the object. I am trying to achieve simple, almost cartoony miniatures that convey the fun and wackiness of the objects. The simplicity makes them more wearable in precious metal (think wear and tear and dings), and I think the wear will actually make them look better because of patinas that develop over time.

Running the first cast tests this weekend to see how they look in metal.
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