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New Booka Shade Album


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Booka Shade - Movements (Get Physical - 2006) ... release date: unknown (not for awhile)

... and it's very good! :)

Not as "cheesy sentimental pap" as Ellen + Apparat (eh greg? ;)) but still on the warm/melodic side, like you'd expect from Mr Booka GPM Shade.

It's definately worth picking it up if you like GPM, or that Marc Romboy mix that was posted up ... that's about as best as I can describe.

It's a very 'fun' and 'smiley' album ... I'd love to hear this stuff at an outdoor beach party at sunset.
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Listen to this record:

Thank you please.... tiring yes, I make sleep now... I dream of nahzing....


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It is a great record. Check the forthcoming get Physical lable mix. 24 tracks of nifty beats and bobs to make ther head nod. I love the opening track by Chelonius R. Jones. na na na bo bo....you just got to stay true!


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heard it today.
it is rather good.
not perfect, in fact, some moments are just kinda stupid.
but other moments are as good as the perfectly constructed PANOROMIC tune releaed by booka shade a while back.
when this album is hitting the right spots, it's definitly hits them spot on!