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New Ben Sims studio mixed CD?


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When I was in Mtl a friend of mine was playing a new Ben Sims mix...at the time I thought it was a live set, but he just sent me a copy in the mail and it's most def a studio mix.

Does anyone know where I could buy my own copy? Find a tracklist? When was this mix put out? Some of the tracks are fairly new, I think.
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Does this mix have a name? Number of tracks? Anything other than this is a Ben Sims mix? There's about 20 live mixes and at least three studio mixes out there by the guy, any help would be appreciated.

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Originally posted by oddmyth
Does this mix have a name? Number of tracks? Anything other than this is a Ben Sims mix? There's about 20 live mixes and at least three studio mixes out there by the guy, any help would be appreciated.


I haven't listened to the whole thing, but I listened up to track 28. So there are at least 28 tracks. :p

Freaks (dissin' remix) is mixed into "Street Carnival" around the 12th or 13th track. There are a number of other tracks I recognize, but can't name.

edit: when my friend downloaded it, I think it was named something stupid, like "Ben Sims mix"


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I know what mix it is,at or around the 29:45 part is there a hard track with a 4/4 beat? Sounds like boom boom boom boom boom?


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The power of the internet remains supreme... GOOGLE THIS BATMAN!!


Essential Underground 7 - mixed by Christian Smith & Ben Sims

CD1 [New York]
mixed by Christian Smith

01 Bryan Zentz / Forecast
02 Item One / Slice 8
03 Hertz & Mhonolink / Set Up
04 Michel De Hey / Sherlock
05 Dimitri Andreas / Tropical Love
06 Kings of Punani / Acid Thunder
07 Ignitian Technician / Dawn
08 Technasia / More Fusin
09 DJ Deeon / Shake It! (DJ Shufflemaster mix)
10 Wilco / Bitches
11 Pusher / Pusher 03
12 Hardcell / Main Engine
13 Christian Smith & John Selway / Inworld
14 Hertz / Recreate
15 Christian Smith & John Selway / Giant
16 Ben Sims presents Kehso / The Stick-Up
17 Christian Smith / Mojito (Locked Groove)
18 Samuel L Sessions / Dances D´Afrique
19 Victor Simonelli / Bateria - Latin Imressions (Deetron Remix)
20 Oxia / Return
21 Massimo Cominotto / Eroi di Carta
22 Tobias van Hofsten / The Voice
23 Midas / Capacity Unknown
24 Dimitri Andreas / Panther
25 Martyn Hare / To the Grim
26 Chris Liebing / Golden Age ( Christian Smith & John Selway Remix )
27 Christian Smith & John Selway / Tit

CD2 [London]
mixed by Ben Sims

01 Intro
02 Ashen and Walker / Batucada Ostinata
03 Dave Angel / Catch 2
04 Rue East / Sudden (Deetron Remix)
05 Mark Broom / Spect to the Man
06 Phase / Obscura
07 Don Williams / The Path
08 Mark Broom / Ditch
09 Daniel Jaques / Blending
10 Mark Williams / Latin Sessions
11 Mark Williams / Latin One
12 Samuel L. Sessions / Dances D´Afrique Remix
13 Snap Mode / De Chicago para Tokyo
14 Killa Productions / Women beat their Men
15 Jorge Zamacona / Pick-up Lines
16 Ben Sims and Vincent Davis / Freaks (Dissing all Freaks Mix)
17 Cave / Street Carnival

18 Len Faki / Figure 1.1
19 Blake Baxter / Sexuality (Ben Sims Hardgoove Remix)
20 Ben Sims / The Truth (Dub Mix)
21 Jeff Mills / See the Light
23 Killa Productions / I wanna go Bang
24 Tobias von Hofsten / The Hope
25 Frank Hunter / Act 1
26 Chris Liebing / October (Ben Sims remix)
27 Christian Wunsch / No time to Cry
28 Oscar Mulero / Anaconda
29 Hardcell and Bacto / Outward
30 Ben Sims / Passion Drums
31 DJ Shufflemaster / Sunday Morning Madness
32 Paul Mac / Cards on the Table (Ben Sims Hardgroove Remix)
33 Christian Wunsch / Amanita
34 Roku / Wang
35 Outro

Looks like a dope mix, I can't stand the tracks Christian plays but whatever.



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Originally posted by oddmyth
oh yeah you're welcome


LOL you didn't give me half a second to get in there and say thanks! ya prick ;)

oddbox is my Ben Sims ID-er supreme. Mucho gracais!

edit: the "women beat your men" track is an oldie but a goodie. He uses it quite well in this mix.
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Is that a remix of "Women Beat Thier Men"? Cos it wasn't originally done by "killa prod." ..and is it good enough to buy or is the original good enough to have?