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New Ben Folds and Henry Rollins....


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to appear on William Shatner's new record!


Shatner to release new album
Last Updated Mon, 29 Dec 2003

CBC News Online

NEW YORK - According to the New York Post newspaper, William Shatner is set to release a new album.

Guest musicians on the new disc, which was produced by Ben Folds of the Ben Folds Five, include former Black Flag lead singer Henry Rollins and country star Brad Paisley.

The new album isn't the first foray into recording for the Montreal-born actor best known for playing James T. Kirk, the captain of the starship Enterprise on the original Star Trek series.

In 1968, Shatner released his first album The Transformed Man, which includes spoken-word cover versions of the Beatles' Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Bob Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man.

Although Shatner intended The Transformed Man to be taken seriously, it's become something of a camp classic.

The Hip Surgery Music Guide, an internet guide that celebrates offbeat musical genres, says the songs can be taken as examples of "either impassioned intensity or pompous overacting."

Shatner has made a living in recent years by spoofing his own overdramatic acting style.

In 1998, he played himself in the comedy Free Enterprise. He also recorded a song called No Tears For Caesar for the film's soundtrack. It combines elements of hip hop and a Shakespearean sonnet.
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When Rollins was here doing his spoken word stuff he talked a bit about his Shatner encounter ... funny stuff.
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Originally posted by juice
When Rollins was here doing his spoken word stuff he talked a bit about his Shatner encounter ... funny stuff.

yeah, he described the whole session and the football game party with Ben Stiller afterwards, which was all well funny and also pretty clever...