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New Bedroom DJ Needs Help re: Home System


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I'm gonna stop lurking just long enough to ask you guys this ;)

I'm buying turntables this week (!!!) :) :D :) :D

...and I saw a wicked-looking pair of speakers at Metropolis Records downtown...I don't have a lot of space so I need speakers that deliver the decibels AND conserve space. The ones I saw are called Blueroom Minipods and they're TRES funky...and cost $$$ too...$750 CDN a pair... :eek:

But they are small and apparently can pack a punch...the specs are here: http://www.minipod.com/

Has anyone used these, or listened to them? If not, any suggestions re: speakers?

My other option is to go to a pawn shop and buy a speaker and amp for cheap...just to get me started...kinda sketchy though because I'm not guaranteed re: quality...

Oh yeah...one more thing. Anybody know where I can get custom-fit earplugs in Toronto? I heard there is a clinic on College St. that makes them...but not sure...

Any help would be most appreciated...thanks :)


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The minipods are very good studio monitors. But I don't think they're necessary if you're just DJing. They're are pretty expensive if you're just going to be mixing records on them.


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dude, as ^^^^ stated, there good studio speakers...but buy a pair of JBL speakers for half the price....better sound for what your after!




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JBL has a great line of self powered speakers (EON series?) you can get em as small as a 10" cone, but you'll probably want to go with something a lil larger (12") to get deeper bass. As far as I know they have a low/high EQ on the back for ballancing the sound.

I'd go with these.

whatever you buy, make sure you listen to them first without any fancy effects/EQing added to the signal. All speakers are characteristly differnt, same with your mixer as well.

Peace & love. D
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