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New Armin van Buuren Interview + Love Parade 2006


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Hey hey

I just posted my new Armin interview if you wanted to read it. I know there are quite a few ASOT fans here, so you'll be interested in it. There's also some Toronto content in there ;)


Also, I've applied to have a float at this year's Love Parade in Berlin, it would be great if everyone could vote for me and help bring my float to the parade! I could use the local Toronto support :>

Here's the info: http://trance.nu/v3/forums/viewtopic.php?t=122347


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What's with all this love parade float stuff? I thought the parade was done for? And another question - are there always Canadian floats? And how much does it cost to get one of these things together? Do you get sponsors or what?


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ChrisD said:
great interview btw, loved the studio burning down question!

he should've said "my permanent markers, i like to sign stuff" lol
you should've also gotten him to rate the superhunks, that would've been cool.


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haha.. its pretty pathetic that that ILTA guy registered on tribe simply to spam his float... some of his dj's aren't even confirmed, and are even booked at other gigs like dance valley. he isn't even a canadian! lol

there are only two canadian-ish floats, mine(trance.nu) and tranceaddicts

they have sponsors this year for the floats, so it is not costing us anything - this is the reason why we are applying for the float. if we get enough votes we will be in the parade - with everything paid for.

i'd love to have your support with some votes! it would be really cool to go to the love parade and have these dj's spin on our float! support a local triber and his dream to go to Berlin :D

Matt Hardwick
Ronski Speed
Ron van den Beuken
Ernesto vs. Bastian
Niklas Harding
Will B

Follow the link at the top for voting instructions :)



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Oh, also you can catch our Love Parade Promo video on BPM TV this weekend, or watch it on trance.nu via youtube