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New alias mix for krudmart....

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by alias, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. alias

    alias TRIBE Member

    my new mix for krudmart
    be sure to check their website and blog.
    big things from them this year
    Streetwear, Art and Skateboard Related Clothes and Accessories @ Krudmart
    Krudmart ? Streetwear, Art and Skateboard Related Clothing

    had alot of fun making this one, hope everyone likes.


    1.darren alias - enough concerns? - intro
    2.chopstick, john jon - full hearts
    3.-erick sharp - peaktime (alias remix) edit
    4.nina kraviz - pain in the ass
    5.alias - tomorrow
    6.osunlade, naridah shakoor - pride (starkee dub)
    7.affie yusuf - lose myself - (do one take e's and
    acid ket the lost its all shit suck coke)
    8.egyptrixx - the only way up (cubic zircona remix)
    9. deniz kurtel, guest of nature - yeah
    (jamie jones shower curtain mix)
    9.tom flynn - ponda
    10.m.in and patrick kunkel - frauen blumen
    11.henrick schwarz, amampondo - i exist because of you
    (dixons stripped down version)
    12.r.a.w. - asuca (tribal mix)
    13.jamie anderson - vietjam
    14.alias - just incase
    15.riva starr - black mama
    16.jamie anderson - cyclone (alias breakfast edit)
    17.pirahnahead - self conscience
    18.mr.g - got me groove on
    19.lula circus - little closer

    post from krudmart blog -

    Krudmart ? Streetwear, Art and Skateboard Related Clothing

    direct link to dl -


    +look out for new releases coming from me
    also dj dates ;)
    ALIAS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
    alias (darrenalias) on Twitter
    CBC Radio 3 Artist - alias

    photo: sophie tajan
    cover: jordan england
  2. alias

    alias TRIBE Member

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