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So, ya, I just got back from the show. It was a lot more "rawk" than what I was expecting after listening to the album. The venue was really nice. The screens along the side were a nice touch, the sound was decent and the crowd seemed really up for it. I think these guys have a pretty good chance of being the next big "indie" band to come out of Toronto. Their big "hit" song, "The Grace", is getting some good play on the radio and Much Music.


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Well, I guess no one's ever heard of them, so this thread will get 10 views and zero replies. But I bet in 6 months time we'll get someone making a post saying "OMG NWL ROOLZ!!!!111" and then someone will reply saying "NO WAY THEY SUCK" and then someone else will say "YEAH THEY USED TO BE AWESOME BUT THEN THEY SOLD OUT AND NOW THEY SUCK COS THEIR MUSIC IS ON THE RADIO AND SHIT" and then something else happens, I'm not sure exactly what, but it involves boobies.


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So, did Dallas Green play with them for the full show?
I love the album and missed them when they came to Waterloo...
Glad to hear the show was good :)


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Dallas Green wasn't there. Dan sang most of the songs himself and did a pretty decent job. Marco whatshisface was the first opening act and sang a couple of songs, including the one he did on the album - "A Little Piece". The second opening act was a folk singer named Lindi Ortega who I am like totally in love with, but that's another story.
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So if he can actually sing all of those songs he wrote, getting all those other vocalists to sing them on his album was nothing more than a brilliant marketing concept??? Kudos. Smart musician AND business man.


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good show

I wasn't sure anyone else from here would have gone to the show....

It was awesome, a great night out and lots of rawkin' out was done...
I was disappointed when Dallas did not come out for The Grace (wondering if maybe he did for the Thurs. night show.?)

Jason the Drummer was the cutest things ever and well they really knew how to get put on a good show....

Marco Solo (?) was friggin hilarious, big time talented...i was like "what's a gino from woodbridge doing on the stage?" > but he proved me wrong

Lindi was intoxicating at first but she sounds too similar to Martha Wainwright to blow me out of the water.....

8/10, just a great night of music...


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Thanks for the review. I was curious as to how the live show would turn out as the album seemed more like a project than a band that would tour...glad to hear it rocked.
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