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neurotek - show - 29 - kya


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Okay I'm back:

The show is curently streaming live, and will be 'till Friday. Just click on front page banner.

I got some new tunes from Thomas Felhman, new Shitkatapult, definetly my most minimal set in a while.

Also, in anticipation of Clonk bring in Tikiman and Scion; I put on a classic Scion track (CR-01) (4th track in), and a Rythmn & Sound track (disinctive dub sound you can't possibly miss).

I will post a tracklisting when the set is archived in about a week's time.

Feedback is appreciated.

Enjoy, www.beats.to - neurotek



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Okay I had the time:

Andreas Fragel - sie lebt in hamburg - Traum
thomas fehlmann - making it whistle - kompact
Benjamin Wild - Raw Pleasure - force tracks
Sami Koivikko - Polemik - Shitkatapult
Scion - emerge0 - Chain Reaction
John Tejada - The Sun - Palette Recordings
John Thomas - Vision - logistic records
Andreas Saag vs. Samuel L Session - Koolaid - SLS
baruka - Play it Loud - Monoid
Baby Ford & the Ifach Collective - Bad Friday - Ifach
Rythm & Sound w/ Tikiman - Music A Fe Rule - RS-01
Bush Baby - VIP - Bush
Dub Taylor - Observer - force tracks
sutekh vs theorem - pompion - minus
Anton Kubikov - room no2 - Traum
Snookerboy - H.B. Love - Trapez
John Anderson & Rikard Lindell - Tied You Up - Touchdown Recordings
Pepe Braddock - The Right Way - KIF


Derek aka neurotek www.beats.to