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Networking Help


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Need some help

Whenever I connect to my home wifi with my work laptop, for some reason it takes out the internet signal (not just dropping it for the one client but the whole network). When the router reboots the laptop will usually connect (along with all my other devices) and is generally stable from there, expect the last few days, where it keeps disconnecting the internet after each reboot

I have two routers, Bell Hub 3000 and Asus RT-AC87U. The Bell Hub DMZ is set to let all internet traffic flow to the Asus router, WIFI options on the Bell hub are disabled. I've tried assigning my work laptop a manual IP in the ASUS router, and that doesn't work either

For clarity, when the laptop connects to the ASUS router it's visible on the network but as noted take out the internet and I need to reboot the Bell Hub

Any ideas on why this is happening? and what can be done to fix it?

It's driving me batty
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There's a story in my google mobile feed about the google max speaker spamming the local router with a bajillion connection requests ,and thus overloading it to the point it freezes.
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so you lose connection to the internet as well as all your computers dropping out of the wireless network? Perhaps your work computer has a program that is constantly sending requests to the router, kind of like a DoS. Could be an arp flood too.

Check to see if you have any processes that are peaking on your computer and start killing them, see what happens