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network monitoring tools - snmp


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I'm looking into network monitoring tools. Specifically, I'm wanting to monitor raid-status/security alerts/ip traffic/system load/etc/

It looks like there's quite a few options out there, jffnms, opennms, nagios, etc. Does anybody have any experience/recommendations?

Dr. Grinch

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Microsoft MOM, Compaq Insight Manager, HP Openview, IBM Tivoli....

Depends on what size of network you've got, and what kind of platforms/hardware you're running.
I personally like Insight Manager a lot. It's ridiculously powerful, but you'll have to find MIBs for your non HP Hardware (shouldn't be too hard to source out), or set up standard SNMP traps on it.


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I use Nagios and Cacti/snmp to monitor network and servers.

Cacti keeps a general eye on the network load, and watches specific variables such as CPU load and RAM useage on servers.

Nagios is great for monitoring specific services, such as www,mail, mysql, or ssh and so on. Nagios also has some snmp capabilities, but I haven't explored them as much.


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they're almost all linux boxes being monitored. an 'open' solution is really all I can use (budget). I tried out nagios and jffnms this weekend (shied away from opennms because, despite working at a java company, java apps give me the heeby-jeebies). nagios seemed really robust & mature, but I wasn't very impressed with it's snmp capabilities. jffnms has really blown me away, but it feels considerably less mature, and a lot of the features feel still 'under developement', but the sheer amount of info it's gathered from my network is impressive (as well, it's support for snmp/traps/remote syslog/etc. is really super). It's alarm features are great, if only I can figure out how to actually get it to send me emails.