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Nervous Habits?


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What nervous habits do you have?

I only have a few and none of them are that strange but I know you're all a bunch of weirdos so there should be some good ones.

^^ structurally poor sentence


I run my finger around the outer edge of my thumb. I've got it in check now but it used to be bad. I know it used to drive one Triber mental when I was doing it all the time.

I HAVE to pace when I'm on the phone. If I can't (ie. driving and talking) it makes me really, really uncomfortable. I have to pace around on a fixed line back and forth.

So freak show, what you got?


Syntax Error

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i have to post random words in order to balance the air in my falafel.

i also twitch uncontrolably whenever somebody says the word "horseradish".


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i type what people are saying with my toes, as if they were on a keyboard.

i get yelled at about it if people notice i'm doing it.
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I have a few, they're fairly run of the mill. Shifting weight from foot to foot, I can't look people I don't know well, in the eyes. I blush when I get nervous. If i'm holding a pen, penicl, drum stick, unlit smoke in my hand I'm constantly twirling it through my fingers. There may be more I am unaware of?

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i always shake my leg. i also fidget constantly. my girlfriend is constantly slapping me because of this. can i call the cops on her?


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^^ that thread had me obsessed with cracking every bone i could...my whole body cracks....knees hips etc...(as mentioned in the previous thread about cracking bones..LOL)..

habit: i like to ramble...
incase noone read my post in the NOBODY cares....
*sorry i should have kept this in the nobody cares* too late...SUCKERS.
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I bite the inside of my bottom lip.
I play with my rings. Constantly fixing my clothing.
Look at my nails and clean them, even if they are clean.
If I'm with someone I'll hold their arm and stand behind them.


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Originally posted by Bumbaclat

I HAVE to pace when I'm on the phone. back and forth.
yep. i hate talking on the phone...pacing back and forth, walking around the rooms makes it somewhat more bareable. if im sitting still i start tripping over my words and pretty much turn into an incoherent turd. moreso
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Temper Tantrum

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I lose things :p

Crack my knuckles, bite my nails, pace if I'm on the phone and the conversation makes me nervous (ie. person i have a crush on, angry parent, distraught friend etc.), Chew on my lower lip, fiddle with my hair

I'm a regular 1st grader, my god.



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<---toker, smoker, and midnight joker.

I pop my ears (it sounds like a cork going off, no lie) and I crack my back and my knuckles (fingers and toes) on a regular basis.

Does masturbating count? 'Cuz I do that a lot when I'm not getting enough luvins...

*shrug* I'm not really nervous about much, but I do get edgy from time to time. Usually a phat spleef and a glass of Chilean Merlot solves that in a jiffy...

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When I get nervous, I completely loose my appetite, and I feel the need to physically exert myself by doing push-ups or running as fast as I can...that usually calms me down.

...other then that, I don't have any nervous habits.



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Originally posted by Syntax Error
i always shake my leg. i also fidget constantly. my girlfriend is constantly slapping me because of this. can i call the cops on her?
Moi Aussi....

In Fact right now as I type I am sitting on the edge of my chair shaking both legs up and down. Don't know why I do this but I've been a leg shaker since I was a kid. I just can't sit still. People get mad at me when I sit on the couch with them. I shake my leg(s) with out even realizing I'm doing it.

Ironically enough one of my biggest anoyances is people who constantly tap there fingers. My old roomates boyfriend was a drummer and would tap out rythyms without even realizing it and it anoyed the fuck out of me.
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