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Nero Question


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I have a file that is approx. 70mins. long that I wish to Burn.

When I drop the file into the 'burn' window, Nero is telling me that the file is only 5mins. long. This simply is not the case because I have listened to the whole set on WinAmp.

Anybody know how I can correct this problem??????

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Are you doing this from the "Audio CD" file browser?

If so, what type of file are you burning?

It may be that Nero is trying to burn a Data CD....
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That's what's so confusing. I'm in the Audio window. I've even played the track using nero and it just ends after 5 mins.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Dr. Grinch

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It means the track is damaged and Nero sees five minutes of good audio before the broken part. Winamp will probably play it as though it's okay, but you'll probably find some sort of significant audio artifact at the point that Nero is cutting it off.


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Try decoding it in winamp to a wave file and then burning the wave.

Right click winamp -> preferences -> output -> disk writer plugin -> play file
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Most likely it is a damaged MP3 file. Nero is very picky and will detect imperfections. The error in the file may be at the 5 minute mark and so Nero will not burn the data beyond that point. But WinAmp my just skip over the error and continue on playing.

I am not saying this is the case for sure, but there have been times when I have burned MP3s in Nero and it warned me that certain files could not be burned/converted to WAV because they had errors in them ... but yet when I would listen to them in WinAmp, I couldn't notice any audible errors with the file.

Maybe convert the file to a WAV file externally, then burn the WAV file, and Nero won't complain and will see it as the full 70 minutes.

Cheers ... Ian :)