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Nero Question #1ADF45


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I'm using Nero for the first time.

I'm making an audio cd. I've gone through everything, burned succesfully. Then the tracks won't play on my Discman (which supports burned CD's).

Is there anything wrong with using .wma files? Should they be in a different format?

I would try to figure it out, but I need to have it burned in the next hour or so!
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wma files are windows media files, and unless your cd player has embedded windows as an operating system (highly unlikely), then you need to convert to .wav first, then burn...

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Try burning it at a lower speed, ie: 4x. Also, if it's set to burn directly from disc to disc, try setting it to back it up on your hard drive before burning the copy.

Sometimes audio cd's get fuked up if you burn them at too high a speed.

Edit... forget these suggestions if you're burning from wma format, it needs to be in wav.

Edit again... Nero has an option when opening to burn an audio cd. Make sure you use that one. You can still start off with mp3 and wma files, because nero will automatically convert them to wav.
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Wait - I am burning them in .wav, that's what I meant to say.

I tried burning at 8X, which worked fine on my piece of crap old computer.

I'm also using the audio option. I can't seem to see anything wrong at all with it.
And they are burning to completion. I'll try 4X.
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I have had problems with audio cds I've burnt not working in my discman, but working in all other players. It turned out to be the media I was burning on. Don't remember what kind they were but they were cheap. HTH.
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Two things.

I'd swapped the faulty CD-ROM drive on my new (to me) computer with the one from my previous box. I didn't change the jumper on the drive to slave. My computer was reading that drive as the master, and the burner (also set to master) wasn't being detected.

Once I fixed that I had to set the burner as the recorder so as not to burn an image to my HD.