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Nelly Furtado @ Massey Hall


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I know it's not a party but I know some of you were there and ONE of you regrets not going with me. You snooze, ya lose, Kennybear.

K-OS opened and immediately the crowd was put into an urban, cutting edge vibe. He's really talented, mixing his smooth vocals with a minimal instrumentation and some really melodic soulful lyrics.

Swollen Members put on a good show for what it was. They had their beers lined up on a speaker and bounced around the stage performing their radio singles. They had a lot of energy but I think their lyrical content is shit. So is their freestyling. But the white dood ain't a bad MC.

Nelly came on stage after a long keyboard drone and started with "Baby Girl," a very hard, nasty song full of stacattos.

One thing I noticed was that she was incredibly little in person but her voice made her the center of attention. I've heard her live before and it was always really nasally and off-key. But her voice was INCREDIBLE! This girl can fucking sing.

Some highlights were "I'm like a Bird" which she started off acapella, "Legend" which is a trip-hoppish tune and "I Feel You" which is supposed to be a humourous b-side she did with Esthero. She also did her really slow Portugese ballads in a medley which seemed like a smart thing to do.

In the middle, she came out in a jumpsuit and visor and they did this big 90's medley full of Kris Kross, SaltnPepa and LL Cool J. Quite funny actually.

Swollen Members RUINED my favourite song "Turn Off the Light" by surprisingly joining in and the female break-dancing crew (including the new redhead MUCHMUSIC VJ) for the "Shit on the Radio" encore was so fucking lame. I didn't see any actual breakdancing from them. They just sort of.. shook their limbs a lot.

After throwing glo-sticks in the audience and introducing her band, she just left abruptly, not even giving a chance for us to applaud her. She's really humble on stage but her smile is insanely attractive. She's got a lot of presence especially when she's playing guitar.

The crowd was insanely diverse from young teeny bopper girls to hip-hoppers to artsies to jock-types to dads with their kids. It was great to see the little kids enjoying the hip-hop.

Anyway, wicked show. Anyone who slags her should give her album a listen, read the lyrics (written by her) and see her perform.
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well swollen members were wonderful....and the only part of nellys little thing was when they came out.

i was like in the 5th row and the person i went with went up to the front during nelly and i was like sitting there by myself reading the program while everyone around was like standing and freaking out.


who saw rainbow sun francks hanging out by himself the whole time outside massey hall


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nelly suck shit.


oops.. I don't like this music yet I am going to give my opinion and review it:

i think nelly sucks shit her music has a long way to mature... she is only playing stuff that she thinks is "dope" which doesn't necessarily translate unto good music. it is flaky and boppy teeny shiit...anyone that likes her is as flaky as the music she makes.


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I resent that statement, Brian! And I don't think you're really in the position to make such a statement because I highly doubt that you've ever taken the time to sit down and give her music an honest listen.

I bought Nelly's CD over a year ago because at the time I was going through some shit in my personal life and could totally relate it to one of her songs. In a way, she probably helped me to come to a certain realization and to make a big decision - one of the best decisions I've ever made.

So anyway, I went to the Friday show with two lovely ladies from UW. Our seats were crap - way at the back of the first balcony - but we could still see fine.

Swollen members were hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing at the blond guy who was continually - and violently - bopping his head up and down and around. He was like an 80's head banger, except with short hair and wearing a baseball cap.

Nelly was good. Like Sunny said, her voice sounded amazing...she showed much more range than she does on her album. And I was very happy to hear her do the remix of Get Your Freak On. As for the guitar, was she actually playing??? Everytime they brought her one out, it didn't look like it was plugged into anything!
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Never been called flakey before eventhough I always knew I was:D This isn't to start an argument but just a simple question.
Have you ever written anything or have you ever sang a song in front of several thousand people or been infront of thousands of people. Don't kid yourself Nelly is extremely talented! You don't have to like her but it doesn't mean she isn't good. I'm not a "FAN" of hers but have seen her live several times and she is tight!:cool: musically. I personally love the Swollen Members, and even though their lyrics are not as "deep" as KAOS they are very witty and original. Look at US hip hop, these guys are making up ther own languge. At first I was like this is garbage but ya know what, get used it cause soon enough there is going to be a new dictionary with a whole lot of new words and meanings
:p Jay

Isaac S

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Originally posted by RUBYJAY
I'm not a "FAN" of hers but have seen her live several times and she is tight!:cool: musically.

and physically!
...oh how she wore those jeans at the EMI party... ohhhhh...:p


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Originally posted by j-Hi

As for the guitar, was she actually playing??? Everytime they brought her one out, it didn't look like it was plugged into anything!

I thought the same thing but it was one of those cordless ones, i guess. cuz there was this high-tech looking antennae on the side of it sticking out.
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