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neil quigley feb 09 mix ~ house


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Some warm house perfect for keeping you nice and toasty this winter :)

click me!

Giattino - 'Released Pressure' (Hardsoul's string overture) [Hardsoul]
Ben Watt - 'Guinea Pig' [Buzzin' Fly]
Rocco - 'Supernova' (Pezzner dub) [Freerange]
Einzelkind & Meat - 'Gin' [Get Physical]
Milton Jackson - 'Ghosts In My Machine' (H.O.S.H. remix) [Freerange]
Sweno N & Lore - 'Ziodoor' (H.O.S.H. remix) [Parquet Recordings]
Pezzner - 'Almost Here' [Freerange]
Jake Island - 'Real Love' (Rocco mixes) [Toolroom]
Hideo Kobayashi - 'No Nothing' [New World Records]
Behrouz - 'Time Travel' (DJ Yellow remix) [Urban//Torque]
Master H - 'Magic K' (Christian Prommer remix) [Soma]
Rocco & Claude Monnet - 'Les Celestins' [SSOH]


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Thanks!! I love Neil Quigley and this is the only place I can find his stuff. Please don't stop uploading his sets, because you would be happy to know how many people are enjoying his music.