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Neil likes the Happy Mondays and he seems to have done something about it...


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Neil Landstrumm has once again proven that he has stuck around all these years to show us all how it's done.

"This is an unofficial remix of the title track from the classic Happy Mondays 1989 Madchester E.P. I am a big Mondays fan and credit them with bringing me into the blossoming UK rave scene when I saw them live at the SECC in Glasgow in 1990. It was a heady mix of early rave,acid,bleep and the mondays own blend of northern funk. Like proper raves used to be....double good."
Neil Landstrumm
Scandinavia NYC > Music(site)
Hallelujah Bleep Remix (left click for save-as dialog)

Neil is attempting to get across a bit of history and there is more in store for the near future.