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Negative Space - Android @ Home


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Well, I hope everyone had a good time.. I thought Android threw down a fabulous set, and I was happy with the amount of people who stayed until the end of the night for Ira Cain..

Sorry about the skipping of the one table during Android, the moniter vibrations were still making it across to the right table despite the seperate stand for the moniter.. we moved the monitor further away and it stopped later on..

anyway.. we had some interesting discoveries... ex. the preamps had to be reset for the switch from drumnbass to techno upstairs (experience.. experience)..

I was really surprised/pleased with the amount of support for the addition of hip/hop to the lineup downstairs.. we will be making that a regular thing from now on..

check the upcoming events forum for our next event..

with Tribe board regular FLEAFLO! making his Hamilton debut!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room