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Need your taxes done?


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I'll do it for cheap... seriously. As long as it ain't too complicated (i.e. more than a dozen slips), and you are getting a refund...

$20.... e-filed and everything...

Last year, 92% of e-filers got their return in 11 days or less.


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Originally posted by PosTMOd
$5 more, or $10 if you want "release".
sweet deal, it's a shame that i finished my taxes last week.

hrmmm, maybe i can just make something up - just to make it 'official'.

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I have a pet chimp that my roomates and I share. He does all that stuff for us and we just have to feed him in return. It's his way of saying thanks for resucing me from that damn Toronto Zoo.

(Don't tell the zoo about this last part)